Commercial Renewable Energy


Energy in South Africa

The energy landscape in South Africa has become complicated and expensive to navigate.  The cost of energy is increasing at double the CPI rate, and the availability of energy is uncertain due to loadshedding and the failure of infrastructure.

At Polymath Solar we solve energy problems and ensure that your energy supply is reliable and at the best possible price, while still attaining your ESG targets.

Energy Intelligence

Experience gained over 10 years enables us to confidently deliver “Least Cost Energy” solutions with guaranteed power availability during production hours.

“Least Cost Energy”

More than just tariff- and demand management, we implement solutions that use the cheapest energy source any time of the day, every day of the year.
We measure the cost of all the available energy sources (5 of them) on the same metric (LCoE), manipulate the supply to ensure the lowest cost energy is used at all times.

Solar Limitations

Conventional solar solutions are limited in what and when they are helping.
A pure grid-tied solution can only support the electricity supply to your property when the Municipal Grid Supply is on, and the sun is shining.  During loadshedding and other periods when there is no Municipal Grid Supply, the pure grid-tied solution is off, and no energy or power is available.  Your investment in solar is not introducing any saving during power outages and the promised ROI is not realised.

The most expensive Municipal energy is early AM and late PM (ToU tariffs), when a solar system is still very inefficient due to the position of the sun. The net result is that you are still exposed to these most expensive tariffs.

Solar PV energy can only reduce your energy consumption, and cannot address any of the other fee’s payable on your Municipal Electricity bill.
Our engineers understand these limitations and implement creative solutions to avoid these limitations.

Polymath Solar

Commercial Energy Solutions

Energy Sources

Implementing intelligent energy solutions unlock the limitation of conventional solar systems and introduce new cost-saving mechanisms.

It is imperative that all 5 energy sources are measured with the same metric (LCoE) to be able to intelligently select the correct source at all times.

  1. Municipal Grid Supply.  Commercial Time of Use electricity tariff (ToU) varies during the day, with the cheapest energy sold at night (Off-Peak) and the most expensive energy sold early AM and late PM (Peak).
    For 3 months of the year (June, July August) the High Demand Season pin the Municipal Energy cost up to 3 times the cost of the rest of the year.
  2. Generator.  The cost of running a generator is on average 3 to 5 times the cost of Municipal Grid energy
  3. Solar Grid-Tie PV Energy.  This is unquestionably the cheapest source of energy but it is unfortunately only really (effectively) available between 09h00 and 15h00.
  4. Battery Energy Storage System.  The BESS is the natural complement to a solar PV system, as the battery is a reservoir dor solar energy that must be intelligently used.
  5. Solar PV Charged BESS Energy.  Identifying DC-Coupled Solar PV charging a large battery stands separate from Grid Inverter PV, and enable accurate sizing of the battery, Grid PV and BESS Charger PV.

Leverage the Energy Investment

We realise that the investment in energy solutions is large, and therefore seek every opportunity to generate income or curb energy expense.  We include all the following saving mechanisms in our solutions:

  • Arbitrage
  • Solar Island
  • Peak Shaving


You understand how your Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) framework will help identify, organise, analyse and prioritise business risk decisions.

Let Polymath Solar ensure that Environment is in on-target with your ESG Strategy.

Operations and Maintenance

Operating and Maintaining you Intelligent Energy solutions require expertise and focus.  We are the specialists, and our business is to Operate and Maintain these complex systems.