Installer Support

PolyMath Solar has been active in the solar industry for more than ten years and we have gains vast knowledge and experience which we are eager to share with new entrants into the renewable energy industry.  We have qualified Engineers, Installation Electricians and Red-Seal electricians on our workforce, and apply our experience and expertise to deliver quaity solutions.

Sharing Knowledege

We believe that it is important to stabilize the solar industry and for the end user to have confidence in the installers and the quality of the solutions provided. This can only be achieved if we share knowledge and experience and we participate in a network where we support each other rather than competing in such a way where the industry will lose its value.

Things can go wrong

It is impotant to select your installer carefully.  Not all installers are trained and experienced, and only qualified electricains are allowed to work on the electrical wiring of your house.  If you want to learn more about selecting your installer, watch our video, How to Select your Installer.
Watch the few photograps at the bottom of this page, to see how easily things can go wrong.