Solar Intelligence

In order to solve a problem, one needs to understand the problem.
It is NOT possible to simply look at an electricity utility bill and then do a sensible design.

Right Size, Right Price - Safe and Compliant

At PolyMath Solar we complete a full analysis of the customer's energy and power demands, and consult with the customer to get a good grasp of the available budget. Only once we have the 3 primary design parameters firmly defined, do we complete a design to meet these requirments.  The 3 primary design decisions are:

  1. Daytime Energy & Energy Storage. Energy used during the day needs to be harvested from the sun, to enjoy the optimum solar benefit - direct consumption.  Then also, energy demand during utility electricity grid failure (depends on which items need to be on backup, and for how long) define the battery capacity. 
  2. Solar Panel Quantity. An intelligent solar solution is when the solar panels can supply both the daytime- and stored energy requirement.  This Grid Independence (for the items connected to the backup solution) is the most sensible- and economical solution.  The sum of the battery capacity and the day-time consumption defines the amount of energy that needs to be harvested from the sun, i.e. the size of the PV Generator.  This is the quantity of the solar panels that will be required.
  3. Inverter Power. The sum of the power consumed by all the connected applicances define the size of the inverter. This is a very important calculation to make, as overloading the inverter will not only leave you in the dark, but it will most likely damage the inverter. 

An easy alternative, even for untrained individulas, is to watch this promotional video,  and then download this free calculator to accurately determine what your solar system will consist of, and how much it will cost.  A video explaining how to use this free calculator can be found here.

Polymath Solar System Design Process

We perform 6 distinct functions to deliver our solutions: