The Solar Marketplace

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We launched a pioneering solar marketplace which we believe will revolutionize the sales processes of the renewable energy industry.

The Solar Marketplace (TSM) is an exceptional multi-vendor platform that brings together buyers, sellers, installers, and enthusiasts of solar technology in one focussed marketplace.

TSM creates a community of people that has one thing in!

Consolidate a fragmented Solar market

There is a desperate need for reliable, safe and professional solar systems and services in South Africa, the reasons for this are obvious.

This desperate need for solar caused frantic buyers to create a demand that the market could not supply, which triggered dozens of retailers and hundreds of installers to rush in and flood the market with products and services.

The result is that the market is fragmented, with every search on the internet revealing so many options and possibilities that even to the seasoned shopper, it seems impossible to make a smart purchase.  

The Buyers need for one central place, where products and services can be listed and compared, technically and economically, with reliable and accurate information to guide the buyer in making the right decision.

The Sellers need one central place, where the buyers are, to showcase their products and services to enjoy maximum exposure and offer the market greater variety and price options.

The Solar Installers that offer professional and safe services need to find a means of presenting their experience and expertise to the infantile market, visibly different to the unscrupulous newbie's entering the market.

The need of all 3 parties above gave birth to the idea of The Solar Marketplace.  The owners of Polymath Solar, experienced veterans in the renewable energy industry, put their minds together and boldly started TSM, supplemented with a YouTube channel Solar Intelligence to guide and support the buyers that need help.


Solar Intelligence


Sellers (Vendors) get the immediate benefit (detailed here):

  • New exposure of their products to an active community focussed on solar products.  Our marketing strategy prepared by 3 specialist groups is reaching millions of customers advertising all TSM products.
  • A focussed solar marketplace constructed on an award-winning, feature rich Multi-Vendor platform with over 2000 customers worldwide.  Easy searching, filtering, and comparison of products…add all to a basket and check out with a secure 3D payment gateway.
  • Integrated fulfilment options with real-time shipping quotations from 5 leading courier companies.  You select the fulfilment option that suits your business, customised to your needs.
  • Differentiated pricing for retail-, installer, and reseller groups.  All products in the marketplace have custom features to define size, capacity, application etc to ensure the user is informed and guided all the way.
  • Approved Installers on the marketplace that are graded and vetted to ensure professional compliant solar installations.  Warranties of power electronics are subject to the sign-off by the approved installers, reducing the risk of RMA and warranty claims.
  • Referenced YouTube videos to guide buyers and installers through the solar buying- and selection process.
  • No monthly fee, no up-front cost.  We charge a small commission on successful sales.

TSM also creates Networking Opportunities as partnerships are established with financing-, and insurance institutions as well as accredited installers.


Approved Installers play a critical role in the Warranty Conditions of all the electronic components,  as Warranties are only valid if the product is installed by an approved installer.  This procedure protects the vendor, the buyer and TSM.  Pricing and product availability is also a major benefit to installers (detailed here). 

The Solar Marketplace is a national product, shipping its products to all the corners of South Africa.