“You don’t know, what you don’t know!”

You are your greatest asset and developing your skill-set will boost your market value, whether you are seeking a promotion from your current role or applying for a new job. 

Growth Opportunities

We offer focussed training filling in the gaps where additional training is desperately needed.

  • Over the 10 years that we have been installing, maintaining, and operating solar systems, we have identified where common errors and dangerous mistakes are made. 
  • As a trainer with the GREEN Solar Academy for over 3 years, I have identified areas where new installers may need some guidance.
We are well trained, as we hold PV Greencard certification (from 2018), PQRS P4 certification (2017), and Maxx Academy certification (2 x advanced qualifications).  We have a qualified engineer and currently employ 3 Red-Seal Electricians, one of which is an Installation Electrician.

Combining our practical experience and theoretical training, we create our own training material to “fill in the knowledge-gaps” that we have identified.

YouTube Recordings

Many of our previous webinars are now available on our YouTube Channel, Solar Intelligence, as very focussed and intense training sessions to address particular areas that we have identified where training is needed. The YouTube videos are sometimes free of charge, and sometimes we charge a small fee.

Classroom Training

Some courses are presented face-to-face at our offices in Montana Park, when we need our participants to have practical hands-on opportunities to master certain principles and/or skills.  We advertise these courses from time-to-time.

Product Specific Training

Also, from time to time, we present product specific training, where we have learnt the expensive lessons, and hope to guide our installers to avoid making the same mistakes.   These too, we advertise from time-to-time.

Some of the Courses we Present