“You don’t know, what you don’t know!”

Over the 8 years that we have been actively installing, maintaining, and repairing solar systems, we have identified where the common errors and dangerous mistakes are made.

In collaboration with the GREEN Solar Academy, we make this knowledge and experience available to installers looking for an accelerated learning curve, with frequent training sessions on pitfalls and challenges that we have identified and overcome.

We are well trained, as we hold PV Greencard certification (from 2018), PQRS P4 certification (2017), and Maxx Academy certification (2 x advanced qualifications), and Willem is also a trainer with the Green Solar Academy, training new installers for their PV Greencard  preparation.

Combining our practical experience and theoretical training, we create our own training courses to “fill in the knowledge-gaps” that we have identified.

Installers and solar enthusiasts that have attended our training courses are less likely to make mistakes due to “not knowing”.


Our webinars are short training sessions, very focussed and intense, to address particular areas that we have identified where training is needed. The webinars are are presented on a professional commercial platform, sometimes free of charge, and sometimes a small fee is charged.

Classroom Training

Some courses are presented face-to-face at our offices in Montana Park, when we need our participants to have practical hands-on opportunities to master certain principles and/or skills.

Green Academy Course Range

GREEN Solar Academy offers various training courses on beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

All courses are product-neutral and carefully designed considering technical relevance and latest didactical techniques to create an effective learning experience that makes an impact. The GREEN trainers all have a practical background and many run their own solar companies and can share first-hand experience.